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Creating Your Wedding Memories

"Why are you getting married?" Someone did actually ask me that way back when Lucy and I announced that we were finally planning our big day. It sounds rude but in fact it was probably a fair enough question. Why? We'd been living together for some time. We had a joint mortage and shared every aspect of our lives. So why get married?

Certainly it was an excuse for a party. It was a good reason to bring all our friends over to Cork and have a really good party (we were living in the UK at the time).

More than that though. It was a public statement of our love and commitment to each other. In practical terms it changed nothing but we wanted to share what we have with our friends and family. To proudly pronounce our love to everyone we care for most of all.

It was the marriage of two people. The bonding of two families and the start of a new one.

Sixteen years later we're still going and I've had the pleasure of sharing in countless other couple's special days since. I still love weddings: they are wonderful expressions of love. But my own experience reminds me that everyone's day if different. Superficially it would be easy to think that every wedding tends to run very much to the same plan (although I've shared some very unique and beautiful ceremonies) but benath the surface every couple has their own unique story that plays out during the day.

That's were I come in. My job is to capture your day in a way that allows you to re-live that special time for many years to come. Your photographs need to tell the story of your day for your kids (especially if you don't have any yet!)

That means I'm there from the early part of preparing for the day. I'm there to capture your vows, your exchanging of rings and the blessing of your union. I'm there to record the family you've just created and the families you've just joined. Together we'll create some beautiful images that'll continue to remind you of your special day.

It's the creation of a time machine you and your family will be able to jump into as the years roll by.

To do that takes skill, experience, meticulous planning, cool reactions, astute observations, patience and certain amount of camera equipment!

Wedding Packages

It's normal for wedding photographes to offer a package (or two). I've selected professional, archival-quality products to show off your images and to make sure that they last beyond your lifetime. We're creating a family heirloom and it's important that the photographs look as good at your 50th anniversary party as they do now.

The package includes full coverage of a traditional ceremony and an album in a choice of styles. There are options for additional coverage and variations in the format, size and finish of the album. You can also get digital versions of your images.

If you're planning something less traditional then the package may not entirely suit you. You might need less coverage, a smaller album or there may be additional elements to your day that need a different level of photographic coverage. I've covered all sorts of beautiful, intimate ceremonies and provided photographs to the style and budget of all the couples.

Even if you just want a handful of photographs to record your day, I can cover that for you.

Details of the package can be found in my wedding brochure but if you're planning a smaller ceremony, my pricing scales to match what you need me to photograph and how you want your pictures delivered.


One last word on albums. Many people think that these days albums are out-dated and need not be part of a wedding package. Some couples look for digital only packages either because they don't think they want an album or they think they will put their own together (most don't get around to it).

I've no problem with digital-only delivery but before you decide about an album, ask yourself the following questions:

If someone were to offer you your parent's wedding album or a small yellow box containing the negatives of their wedding pictures, which would you take?

Sixteen years since I got married, do you know who is most interested my wedding pictures? My daughters.

If you give an eight-year-old a disc of images, how many would know how to view them? How many would bother? In ten years time how do you think they'd get on?

Wedding albums are designed to out-live you. They are professionally printed on archive-quality materials. Our Traditional Albums are hand-printed, on 100% cotton, acid-free paper with archive-quality inks. They are hand-assembled and we stand over the finished quality of the prints.


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