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Welcome to Rob Lamb Photography

The Home of Natural, Relaxed Family Portraits in Douglas

Rob Lamb Photography offers the very best photographic services to families and businesses in Cork. Our offices are now located in the Marina Commercial Park but the majority of Photographic Work is done on location, whether that's a family home, an outdoor location or a client's business premises.

We're very busy with Family Gatherings so if you have family visiting from far away, why not get professional photographs taken to mark the occassion?

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Your family is precious yet they are constantly changing: babies learn to walk; kids start school; they grow up; they move on; eventually they have kids of their own.

Photographs have a unqiue ability to capture the ones we love. A Photograph locks in our memory to be returned to time and time again. A Photograph is timeless.

As time moves on, the photographs of the people closest to us become more and more valuable: those memories are irreplacable.

We believe that getting Professional Family Portraits should be fun: something that the whole family looks forward to. Making the whole process a very positive experience shows in the Photographs. Camera-shy adults look relaxed because they are relaxed, kids look themselves because they are given the time and space to be themselves during the session.

Rob Lamb Photography is there for families from the birth of your first child to the start of a new family on your wedding day.

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There are lots of examples of Rob's work in the on-line galleries but there's nothing like calling in person. The Gallery on Ardfallen Estate, Cork is open most days and appointments can be made to suit you.

Contact Rob direct on 087 683 8511 or e-mail

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